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Tips for dealing with Bullying

Bullying is an aggressive, abusive and intrinsically harmful form of harassment that’s become wildly popular today in schools and online. Although Bullying has been amongst us since the beginning of time itself, it wasn’t until the last 5-10 years that people started to acknowledge the horrible consequences of this practice. There are different types of harassment depending on the situation and environment in which it is generated. In the school setting it may occur in two ways:

Direct: This is the most common form among children and adolescents; results in fights, beatings and even beatings.

Indirect or psychological: Characterized by pretending social isolation of the victim, by spreading gossip, threats or criticism that allude to traits or physical limitations, in addition to blackmail.

If you’re reading this, you most likely already know what bullying is, how it works and its consequences so let’s go straight to the tips on handling this situation if you or a loved one are victim of bullying:

  1. Don’t tolerate it. Go to the authorities available to you. If you’re in school go to the principal, if that doesn’t works, the police, your parents, anyone and any form of authority that will defend and stand by you.
  2. Step away from social media. In today’s internet addicted society, social media is used as a tool to extend bullying past the school’s boundaries. Don’t read the comments, the posts or the messages, stay away from it all. You might not be able to keep their words at bay when you have to sit in the same classroom as they do, but you can control that once you get home.
  3. Seek professional help. It doesn’t matter whether you believe what these people are saying about you or not, many feelings will arise while someone is living through a situation like this and a good way to heal and keep yourself from going over the edge, is having a the emotional support from your family, friend and a psychologist.
  4. Don’t be ashamed. Being bullied isn’t a sign of weakness or unworthiness of any kind. It’s a sign of how sick and poisoned our society is. Every day you wake up, feel proud of yourself for having the strength to fight back the bullying and not letting it consume you to death.